Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Resolution

Okay, now is February already. i 've been late to blog about my resolution for 2016.

Frankly speaking, i don't really set a resolution for myself each year. I thought it would upset me if i didn't achieve ( okay, just say i didn't put whole heart to reach it -_-). This year, i think i want to really really really (becuz i want it to be REAL, need to say 3 times LMAO) do it. i'm gonna do it this time!

So...what is my resolution for 2016? Jang jang jang jang...

1. Maintain regular exercise, balance diet, reduce fattening food :(

This is for my health purpose...and also to maintain my body weight at the same time.

I have hypothyroid so i need to somehow take care of my weight and cholesterol intake

Since 2014 i discovered hypothyroid, i realize how important of taking care of good health before anything!

Hopefully i can i can i can really really do it. It is not that easy for me because i'm a LOVE TO EAT person so it is a hard task for me.

2. Re-learn Japanese

Yesterday, i was browsing some travel blog to Hokkaido and i think i felt in love with the island. I wanted to go there during winter especially. So so so beautiful i can't resist to go! So, i need to practise my Japanese before this HAHA...Of course not like speaking in sentence but at least strengthen my basic japanese first :)

Last year i was so lucky to have attend Japanese beginner class provided by my company. However....



Haha, stop being drama! :P 

I managed to finish the first session of beginner class but could not continue any further due to my company did not support me after that. Well, you will say, " u can pay yourselves what........." actually i don't mind to pay b myself but it is the distance that made me stop. i attend class at KL Japan Club at Seputeh. It is somewhere near Midvalley. Just imagine every Monday after work i need to go through the jam to get there. Well, if company pay for my petrol, i don't mind HAHA...Also, i hate jam so much.

Since then, i didn't touch my Japanese anymore! 
I guess my book is full of dust by now HAHA...

3. Boost my bank account

I'm not young anymore. my 20th life will be ended in a few years. I need to find a way to fill up my bank account for future because counting merely on the salary is REALLY REALLY REALLY not enough. Imagine i need to buy house, car (yes, i don't own a car) and we gal dont rely on man to give all these to us, don't we? Be an independent gal

If you have good advice on how to multiply bank account saving, do leave a comment! much apppreciate it!

Basically these are my resolutions for 2016.

I will realize it after my CNY break okay? LOL

Wednesday, December 16, 2015



從台灣回來,看了醫生吃了葯 已經漸漸好了但是。。


上個星期開始有點微咳,然後這星期越咳越厲害 然後昨天開始喉嚨不舒服



又要勤勞養病 遠離美食了 :'(

Wednesday, November 25, 2015



沒什麽就想寫寫東西 (雖然本人還在公司)反正現在也沒什麽重要東西做 噓。。

就這樣年尾將近。沒達到什麽成就。肥了,日語學了半路卻停了 然後2015年就這樣過去了

今年已經27嵗,時間過的好快,我感覺還停留剛畢業的年代 好懷念

時光飛逝 以前曾經熟悉的人不再熟悉  隨著年紀朋友圈也變了 


2016年!我真的該好好計劃下要做的事情 因爲阿年級也不小了 有些事真的要乘年輕的時候做 像是學習這一塊 真的。。。學習進度會緩了下來 (老了腦袋不中用)

等我計劃了2016大計再跟大家update 一下咯 (都是自己寫自己爽)XD 

Friday, November 6, 2015

I'm good :)

I have not updating for a year plus. that considers pretty fast update already Haha!! 
People don't use blog nowadays. too many social media already. fast and instant way of expressing life. 

Okay, what brings me to update today? Nothing, I just wanted to post something, just got the blogging vibe LMAO!

Many things can happen in a year. Recently i've undergone pretty good health recovery in both psychological and physical. Just that i gained weight. Urghh. Just in case, you don't know, i have underactive thyroid. i need to take medicine every weekdays before breakfast. Few days ago i had my regular appointment, my result is good. BUT when i ask doctor: How long do i have to consume medicine? She paused awhile and said: well...i would say you might need to take it for your rest of your life.

I didn't shocked. I expected it. Actually.

However, she continues : you still have to go through another year to see how it goes. If your TSH goes below 0 means your thyroid is back to function. She is like giving me hope i might recover but i know it is 0.000001% possibility.

Frankly, i was kinda sad to hear it from a doctor which i have to take medicine rest of my life. Well, life goes on...thinking of there are still many many of people more unfortunate compare to me. I'm consider a lucky case. :)

At least i still have him. :)
Willing to go through good and bad with me. Accepting me as me. 
Love you ❤

Friday, September 26, 2014

4 years later...

HEY!!! HEY!!! HEY~~~~~~~~!!!!! I'M BACKKKKKK FOR REAL!!!! HEAR NOT??!!

Yes. For real, Karen's back :)

Seriously, I thought Blogspot will gonna shut down my damn dead blog but they did not!! Awww....found back so many of my memories here!

4 years...not short, not long either. Well, it's quite long to tell what had happened in my past 4 years...Like really so many things...All those memories flashback when i read through those posts i wrote.

I've not been writing blog since i graduated my Bachelor degree. Many past posts are me ranting on studies, studies and still studies....such a nerd !! @@ Well, fun and cute days...weren't they? XD

There are so many things i wish to write long lost 4 years but you know it's impossible okay? Haha...I will just sum up my 4 years lost here ^___^ There you go....

"After graduated in 2010 May, I went to Taiwan for my graduation trip with my frens (Gosh, I dont even post up my graduation trip here?!). It was damn best life ever!! like ever till now...My frens and i went for 10 days, start from Kao shiong >> Tainan >> Taichung >> Taipei. It was really best trip ever so far, wish time can turn back now!!! I missed those fun days...OKay, that's enough. Speak no further Karen. Else, this is gonna be my Taiwan graduation trip write up!!! LOL...

After back from 10 days heaven trip, i start to hunt for job.Haha...i know that's quite late compared to my classmates. Well, you don't get to have graduation trip after working, do you? :P Live life to the fullest bro! After then, I got a job at a glove factory...well, I don't want to talk more on this as i only work there for like...4 months? Lol...Then, i work with a Japanese firm and my boss was a jap...he was really jap...speak jap like a jap (abuden.....=.=), speak English like a Jap...HAHAHA...Okay, enough for a laugh. Seriously I have learned so much in this job especially it had boost up my confident and my interpersonal skill. Because of this job, i get to travel to so many countries mainly SEA. Well, i do have lucky chance to visit Shanghai, Japan and Qatar as well ! Nevertheless, this boss of mine is the #bestbossever. Yes, hashtag it, #bestbossever!!! XD Well, i realised it when i was about to leave the job...too late huhh? Thinking it back, kinda regretted to leave. I know his days was not been going smooth after i left. He had to manage most of the things by himself. We are still keep in contact and he is really nice boss despite sometimes he can be strict at work but after work, he is just like a fren of mine :)

There was another jap guy too in NMR (the jap firm called NMR), I called him Brown bear. Frankly speaking, he really does look like the Brown in LINE app. He is just too kindddddd...Awww...*heart melts* Speaking of him, Today's is his last working day in NMR. He will be back to Japan for work. Gonna miss him much....Thanks for your coffee and dessert during my days in NMR! I will never forget!! T_T  Sayonara~~~Definitely we will meet again someday~~

After leaving this job, there come my nightmare...many things happened and changed my entire life awfully. I was diagnosed hypothyroidism and this made me to consume meds every day since then. my emotional changed. I can no longer control my feeling. I easily get distracted and depressed. Especially a few weeks ago, i have overdosed the meds. Once i saw a quote "feeling is like clouds, let them come and go" i should be convinced by this phrase. Dr. had revise my meds dosage but i still have phobia of getting back never know how it feels...when you have to take it but at the same time you fear of taking it back the meds.

Ever since I have thyroid, i cried so many times unreasonably, i'm scared of many things and have no confident to commit anything. confident is totally ZERO. If you care to read my previous blog, the things i afraid most to lose is the courage and confident. Without them, i'm no longer myself. Okay...sounds so depressing here...I'm sorry to have scared you with my current condition now but this is how much i have changed after 4 years....

BUT, i'm not going to let this to control my life here! Fighting with it is not a one day thing but i have faith in overcome this. I want to make myself happy as those days before! :) Somedays, somehow this day will certainly come. Pray for me readers! (If there's still any... XD)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sick jor la !!!! sob sob

i've been sicked for a week. sigh.
it started from last sat,feeling nausea and kept vomiting whatever i ate
then,followed by headache + fever :(
the day after,here comes running nose and sore throat... X.X
till now i am still having headache there i went to clinic this morning again.
doctor said that probably i was too STRESS == is that possible? i finished my exam ady.ermm...quite long ago thou.
headache everyday since last wed
and ytd i've this thought that may be my head got tumor(@@scary!!) or what or my eye powers increase again...

by the way,i've got one benefit from this illness...I LOSE WEIGHT 2KG surprisingly...from 48kg to 46@@

still,i will never lost weight like this if i have a's torturing. i would rather just keep my weight like before.

in the stage of recovering...this tues i need to go back uni to do hard cover for my thesis TT
hopefully i'll be fine by thn.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A sudden thought ^o^

Road ahead is unpredicatable,so does life.
"You would never know how long u will be living on this earth. So, dont worry about tomorrow and live life to the fullest everyday..."this is quoted from the KILLER of the semester. lol...

sometimes,we take things for granted. you tell/promise yourself you will do something tomorrow but ended up did nothing. Yes,i'm the one. congrats if u were the one. haha :P

two weeks before new sem commenced,i kept procrastinating my thesis paper work. days after days just gone like that and...the 2 weeks hols fled in a blink of eyes @@ and guess what...i was overwhelmed with loads of stuff to do. For goodness sake, i cant enjoy cny to the 100%. It's okay,it's alright...every year has cny,you can celebrate every year but i can only graduate in this year. the one and only chance.ehh,it sounds so bad.

come on,last sem ady...just give out all your hearts & dont wanna regret afterwards, dont you?=D

So...get ready for the battle XD
AZA FIGHTING!!! GAMBATEH!!! JIA YOU!!! what-so-ever motivations that work on you la...haha

this post just to tell things to myself haha...ignore me XD