Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Resolution

Okay, now is February already. i 've been late to blog about my resolution for 2016.

Frankly speaking, i don't really set a resolution for myself each year. I thought it would upset me if i didn't achieve ( okay, just say i didn't put whole heart to reach it -_-). This year, i think i want to really really really (becuz i want it to be REAL, need to say 3 times LMAO) do it. i'm gonna do it this time!

So...what is my resolution for 2016? Jang jang jang jang...

1. Maintain regular exercise, balance diet, reduce fattening food :(

This is for my health purpose...and also to maintain my body weight at the same time.

I have hypothyroid so i need to somehow take care of my weight and cholesterol intake

Since 2014 i discovered hypothyroid, i realize how important of taking care of good health before anything!

Hopefully i can i can i can really really do it. It is not that easy for me because i'm a LOVE TO EAT person so it is a hard task for me.

2. Re-learn Japanese

Yesterday, i was browsing some travel blog to Hokkaido and i think i felt in love with the island. I wanted to go there during winter especially. So so so beautiful i can't resist to go! So, i need to practise my Japanese before this HAHA...Of course not like speaking in sentence but at least strengthen my basic japanese first :)

Last year i was so lucky to have attend Japanese beginner class provided by my company. However....



Haha, stop being drama! :P 

I managed to finish the first session of beginner class but could not continue any further due to my company did not support me after that. Well, you will say, " u can pay yourselves what........." actually i don't mind to pay b myself but it is the distance that made me stop. i attend class at KL Japan Club at Seputeh. It is somewhere near Midvalley. Just imagine every Monday after work i need to go through the jam to get there. Well, if company pay for my petrol, i don't mind HAHA...Also, i hate jam so much.

Since then, i didn't touch my Japanese anymore! 
I guess my book is full of dust by now HAHA...

3. Boost my bank account

I'm not young anymore. my 20th life will be ended in a few years. I need to find a way to fill up my bank account for future because counting merely on the salary is REALLY REALLY REALLY not enough. Imagine i need to buy house, car (yes, i don't own a car) and we gal dont rely on man to give all these to us, don't we? Be an independent gal

If you have good advice on how to multiply bank account saving, do leave a comment! much apppreciate it!

Basically these are my resolutions for 2016.

I will realize it after my CNY break okay? LOL


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